Company News

20.01.05 - Patent filled for O.H.E.G. concept.

7.02.05 - Hi-Spec R & D submitted application to first stage of the DTI's Technology Program for funding to develop the O.H.E.G. plant.

14.02.05 - Moved into new project office in Fowey, Cornwall.

23.02.05 - Hi-Spec R & D issued a press release detailing the progress of the O.H.E.G. project to the UK media.

3.03.05 - Declined funding from DTI.

17.03.05 - Phase 1 of hydrodynamic testing completed.

9.05.05 - Ongoing negotiations for private funding.

20.06.05 - Initial discussions with academic partners.

18.07.05 - Concept design started on 1MW Prototype.

15.09.05 - Confirmed exhibiting at The Marine South West New Horizons Conference, Torquay 5th October 2005.

20.10.05 - Preliminary research into Bio Mass production techniques to investigate the opportunities in designing a plant.

29.10.05 - Concept design completed of new revolutionary Ocean Energy Rig incorporating our wave powered device, patent applications to be filed imminently.

4.11.05 - First publication of new Hi-Spec Ocean Energy Rig on this website.

11.11.05 - Hi-Spec R & D have successfully negotiated a deal with Able Stainless Steel Fabrications Ltd for future co-operation and backing.

3.01.06 - Commenced general arrangement design and calculations for Ocean Energy Rig Prototype Model.

6.05.06 -  Collaboration agreements in place with Rubicon Marine, specialists in design technology for underwater concrete structures.

15.09.06 - Initial discussions with Bio-Fuel producers with a view to future collaboration.

12.10.06 - Hi-Spec R & D has conducted a study in the last few months into conventional hydro systems to further understand and assess the possibilities of integration into the Ocean Energy Rig system.

20.11.06 - Completed conceptual design on Archimedes screw type turbine.

15.01.07 - Announcement of S.S. Nautilus project.

5.04.07 - After preliminary testing Hi-Spec R & D have designed two new vertical axis turbines for use in rivers and tidal flows. Scale models are currently being fabricated and patent applications are being filed.

15.06.07 - As from today all Hi-Spec R & D intellectual property rights have been transferred to FreeFlow 69 Ltd.

26.06.07 - Press Release issued 'New Osprey Turbine'

29.08.07 - Aluminium Catamaran for testing and validating Osprey Turbine under construction.

9.02.08 - Aluminium Catamaran test rig launched and initial Osprey turbine trials successful.