The Ocean Energy Rig



The Ocean Energy Rig is designed to be compatible with Cornwall's Wave Hub Project, where it would harness the significant wave power available. FreeFlow 69 have patent pending on the design, subject to funding prototype design and sea trials will be conducted. The Ocean Energy Rig is a hybrid concept harnessing tidal stream (with increased velocity from venturi system), wave and wind power. The rig also uses solar panels to power computers and warning lights. Other unique features include a water ballasting system with automatic self levelling and wave ramps to maximize FreeFlow 69's new wave power device. It is envisaged that the Ocean Energy Rig would be assembled and maintained in dry docks and would be towed out into position before being semi-submerged and anchored for operation. Power output of the production model would be at least 10MW.


Prototype Ocean Energy Rig

The Prototype Ocean Energy Rig will be a working model used to confirm fluid dynamics testing and performance calculations.

The FreeFlow 69 Wave Pump is designed to be as simple as possible, using two automatic non-return valves and a hydraulic cylinder creating a head of water to be drawn through a cross flow turbine.