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Latest News: Freeflow 69 have designed and are proudly launching a new version of a forgotten 1820's technology, the Poncelet Wheel..

The Wheel has had its first trials and is showing very positive signs.



The image above shows the Osprey Prototype Turbine test rig, a 30ft aluminium catamaran manufactured by Able Engineering. Initial trials have now been conducted, which produced very positive results.


Freeflow 69 was established in early 2005 with the aim of researching a unique tidal power concept called "the sea engine", invented in 1988 but never developed. During the research a more complex hybrid system that would produce power 24 hours a day, seven days a week, was proposed. The hybrid system combined the strengths of several devices and comprised of tidal turbines, lagoons and the sea engine accumulators. This was the conceptual Ocean Hydro Electricity Generator (OHEG). It was assumed at this time that the technology for tidal turbines had been developed, which was not the case and, as of yet, there is not a proven viable tidal turbine.

Having completed the conceptual design of the OHEG, further research lead to other concepts including the Ocean Energy Rig, wave power devices, a river powered screw turbine and vertical axis tidal and river turbines.

The most promising concept which came out of the research is a simply constructed vertical axis turbine, at the time known as the T.P. turbine now called the Osprey. Although the design of the turbine is still confidential, the key advantages of the turbine are summarised below...

  1.  Suitable for river and tidal streams.

  2. Efficient in variable heights of flow.

  3. Environmentally friendly.

  4. Relatively simple to design and manufacture.

  5. Easy to maintain, as most of the complex components are above water level.

  6. Suitable for third world construction and application.

  7. Re-application of existing technology.




Freeflow 69 are in collaboration with new company T.A.S.C. developing a Archimedes screw turbine.

See link below for more information


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